My Eating Disorder Recovery Story

My eating disorder began when I was pre-teen. I tried to recover alone for years and made little progress. My alcoholism complicated matters. Multiple eating disorder treatments didn’t work, despite my self-awareness. But I finally surrendered in 2003 when the pain and shame of watching myself do the same old behaviors became greater than my fear of the unknown (life without eating disorders).

How did I recover? I found role models and mentors who gently nurtured the “new me” rising from the ashes of my eating disorder. I took their direction and began using tools like reaching out, to help my healthy self handle life situations rather than using eating disorder behaviors. Increasing my spiritual life through regular prayer, meditation and contemplation was critical. I had a spiritual awakening! And I attended support groups where I befriended others working towards eating disorder recovery.

My eating disorder interfered with me properly developing my life skills; food prep, handling my feelings, changing my thoughts, navigating conflicts, effectively communicating, time management, etc. In recovery I learned these through therapy groups, from mentors and specialized support groups.

Throughout all of it, I made art to help me process my “stuff” and discover the healthy me who had so much to express. That’s why I help clients cultivate their creativity instead of reaching for eating disorder behaviors.

What is being recovered like? Every day I am so awed and grateful to be on the other side of the eating disorder. Recovery freed me up to live life on life’s terms; to handle situations and feel my feelings rather than resort to eating disorder behaviors. I’ve been through break-ups, deaths, moving across the country, loss of work and major health challenges. I can therefore confidently say there is NO REASON to ever again engage in the eating disorder. I’ve had wonderful experiences traveling, making new friends, creating and showing my art projects, discovering new talents, and volunteering for worthy causes.

Your magical life is waiting for you! Whether you are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or an atypical eating disorder, you can fully recover and become the person you were meant to be. You, too, can fully participate in life, nurture your talents and contribute from a place of strength. As your Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, I will guide and inspire you towards this goal.

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I fully acknowledge that my life is easier because of my white privilege, thin live privilege and cis gender identification. Although I have been discriminated against due to disability and been victimized by mainstream mental health systems and western medicine providers, I lack personal experience when it comes to racism, homophobia and religious persecution. I have so much to learn. I’m educating myself and practicing activism. I welcome all sufferers and commit to listening, learning and serving your recovery process.