"Crystal supported me on the road to pregnancy and throughout with all the twists and turns of a changing body. I've been able to bring everything I learned into my new role of mom and I'm happy to report that I'm stopping the cycle of disordered eating with my generation, encouraging my daughter to embrace a healthy relationship with food through my example. I don’t know if I would be here in this place of peace and happiness if it wasn’t for Crystal, and I am eternally grateful!"
Amy C
"Crystal guided me through my initial stages of eating disorder recovery with such a depth of understanding that is unique to the supporter role in the ED space. Not only did she help me call out and release my disordered, perfectionist thinking and behaviors, she helped guide me back to my true self: the one that got silenced by the eating disorder."
San Diego
"I have the greatest admiration for Crystal. She is a clear communicator, a conscious listener, and adept in the healing arts. She brings expertise and humility to her work. She’s ethical and trustworthy and knows that kindness and humor have a place in any undertaking of value."
Polly C.
"I experienced Crystal as kind, wise, creative, practical and trustworthy. She role-modeled progress & growth, shared her creativity, gave me support, encouragement and challenged me. She modeled boundary-setting and self-care. The people that she works with from here on out are fortunate to have her."