Artsy Support Group

Creative Play Distracts and Heals

Chances are if you suffer from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or atypical eating disorders, your life force and creativity are seriously blocked. If you are anything like I was when I was sick, your mind is often filled with obsessive thoughts about calories, body image, and urges to binge/restrict/exercise. So there isn’t much mental space for the good stuff; a magical trip abroad, painting landscapes on site, dating someone special, planning a family reunion, writing a memoir.

Art making can change all of that. Wow — that sounds like a big promise! But think about it… when you’re working with your hands on art journaling, painting, collage, poetry etc. and allowing your wise-healthy self to express, your soul takes full advantage and communicates its guidance for all to see (or hear). It feels GOOD to create! You lose track of time, fat grams and pants sizes. That’s why most eating disorder treatment centers incorporate art making.

Now let’s amp up that healing even more by making art in a group and sharing challenges and wins. You’ll bond with recovering peers while learning social skills and how to feel and release feelings. Inspiration will flow and ripple out into all areas of your recovery.

Although this isn’t an art class but rather a support group where we focus on self-expression and eating disorder recovery, I will teach you some art techniques. Members will no doubt teach each other, too.


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