My Art

Creativity Satisfies Cravings

I remember as a young girl having a craving that could only be satisfied by one thing: creating. I sewed Barbie Doll furniture and mini quilts. I learned to render form from greeting cards. I made my own Halloween costumes and a papier-mâché liberty bell in 5th grade.

When I was 17 I got a scholarship to the Philadelphia College of Art where I studied painting, fibers and art history. I sold my first painting while still in art school — a soft and moody plein air of Stone Spiral Arch Bridge in Fairmont Park.

Since then I’ve created hundreds of paintings and colleges, many of which are in private/ corporate collections across the United States.

My work facilitates the processing of psychological and spiritual states — personal and universal. Whether I’m making a commissioned work in response to a specific person or an installation for groups of viewers, connection and evolution reign. My interactive psychic installation “Thought Forest” reached the widest audience yet when it was featured in the National Geographic film “San Diego: City of Creativity”. You can harness the healing power of creativity by joining our Artsy Support Group. Click here for more information.

You can view more of my work on my art website and also below: