All ED Coaching Services

I create a customized program that takes you from disordered and unsure to steady and confident. Programs may include one or more of the following:

  • In-the-moment texts and calls (included with all services)

    Can’t seem to follow that meal plan? Do that enjoyable movement? Having urges to purge? It’s okay. You can reach out to me in the moment and I’ll coach you through. You aren’t alone anymore. This benefit is included with every service I offer.

  • Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

    Can’t seem to follow that meal plan? Do that enjoyable movement? Having urges to purge? It’s okay. You can reach out We will meet on telehealth to set your recovery goals, trouble shoot obstacles and increase your awareness through reading, writing and creative assignments. I use Carolyn Costin’s 8 Keys to Recovering from an Eating Disorder text and workbook along with other materials. These sessions are typically 1x week with between-session support via text and brief phone calls. 1 hour

  • Part-time In-Home Support

    I’m on-site with you and all of your triggers, coaching you towards stability. I help you prep and eat your meals, process feelings in the moment, learn new tools and skills for better communication and self-care. Typically 2-4 hours per day

  • Walk and Talk Sessions in a Nearby Park

    Walking facilitates conversational flow and counteracts anxiety. We’ll stroll in a private and beautiful area in San Diego or a spot close to you, if I’m traveling nearby. We’ll celebrate your progress with goals and formulate new ones. 1 hour

  • Eating Disorder Recovery Meal Plan

    We can plan the meal support session ahead. You’ll set an intention for the session and I’ll be there, eating what you’re eating so you can work through anxieties and/or bingey feelings. This is great for acclimating to eating “fear foods” and/or breaking out of eating disorder patterns/rituals such as eating too quickly or cutting food into tiny pieces. 1-1.5 hours

  • In-Person Meal Sessions: Home and Restaurants

    Relearn to comfortably eat at home and/or at restaurants so you can enjoy these pleasures with friends and families. All food is purchased by the client (except for coach’s meal while dining out). 1.5 hours

  • Grocery Shopping

    Become relaxed and enthusiastic about buying groceries. I’ll help you refrain from over- reading labels and guide you towards smart and satisfying choices. Purchase basics that make meal prep easy. 1-2 hours

  • Home Cooking Education and Support

    Being confident in the kitchen makes following your meal plan and/or eating intuitively so much easier. You’ll learn basic and intermediate cooking skills, become independent and actually enjoy meal prep. 2 hours

  • Clean Out Closet and Social Media Feeds

    Let’s free up your closet and your mind by cleaning out the clothes that no longer fitand the feeds that no longer serve you.

  • Clothing shopping

    Is there anything more triggering than clothing shopping? I’m trained to make it a gentle and even pleasurable experience. If you’re in San Diego, we’ll physically go together. If your elsewhere, we can do it by phone. Find comfy, flattering clothes for the new, healthy you! 2 hours

  • Attend a Yoga Class or Meetup

    Let’s demystify that class/group you’re wanting to try. Having a trained buddy there makes it doable and fun. Have social anxiety? We’ll prep ahead of time and process afterward so your confidence will increase without slips backward. 1-2 hours

  • Attend a Wedding etc

    You want to go to that special event but are afraid to lose your recovery with all of that food, alcohol and celebrating. Do you struggle with social anxiety and are used to relying on ed to get you through? It can be different! We’ll design a game plan (and an escape plan, just in case), stay present and celebrate your wins, giving you confidence to go solo next time.

  • Coordination with Your Team

    Before we begin our work I will speak with your team members (with a signed release from you) so I’m up to date on your case. I’ll continue to consult with and update your team throughout our work, ensuring you receive the best, informed care.

  • Artsy Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group

    Create to process tough feelings and big breakthroughs. Share your journey with like-minded recovery friends who inspire and uplift you. Watch for more info coming soon.

Client Testimonials

"Crystal supported me on the road to pregnancy and throughout with all the twists and turns of a changing body. I've been able to bring everything I learned into my new role of mom and I'm happy to report that I'm stopping the cycle of disordered eating with my generation, encouraging my daughter to embrace a healthy relationship with food through my example. I don’t know if I would be here in this place of peace and happiness if it wasn’t for Crystal, and I am eternally grateful!"

Amy C

"Crystal guided me through my initial stages of eating disorder recovery with such a depth of understanding that is unique to the supporter role in the ED space. Not only did she help me call out and release my disordered, perfectionist thinking and behaviors, she helped guide me back to my true self: the one that got silenced by the eating disorder."

Mentee in San Diego

"I have the greatest admiration for Crystal. She is a clear communicator, a conscious listener, and adept in the healing arts. She brings expertise and humility to her work. She’s ethical and trustworthy and knows that kindness and humor have a place in any undertaking of value."

Polly C.

"I experienced Crystal as kind, wise, creative, practical and trustworthy. She role-modeled progress & growth, shared her creativity, gave me support, encouragement and challenged me. She modeled boundary-setting and self-care. The people that she works with from here on out are fortunate to have her."